Best WordPress Live Chat Plugins to Connect With your Customers

Customer service is most important today for any business and for grow more audience we have to use some of the best plugins that will help you engage visitors and offer effective and speedy support, among other advantages.

  1. Tawk.To Live Chat
  2. HubSpot WordPress Plugin
  3. Tidio Live Chat
  4. Pure Chat
  5. LiveChat
  6. JivoChat
  7. Live Chat by Formilla
  8. Live Chat by Customerly
  9. Zotabox
  10. Better Messages
  11. LiveAgent

Tawk.To Live Chat


Free messaging app to monitor and chat with site visitors

Gain insight

Gain valuable insights when you monitor and chat with website visitors in real time.

Increase conversions

Greet new and returning visitors, help them through pain points, and message before they leave your page.

Stay connected

Stay connected anywhere and respond to your customers from your computer or mobile device.


HubSpot is a platform with all the tools and integrations you need for marketing, sales, and customer service. Each product in the platform is powerful alone, but the real magic happens when you use them together. See the magic for yourself in the free HubSpot WordPress plugin.

LiveChat – WP live chat plugin for WordPress

Want to communicate with customers while they’re browsing your website? With LiveChat’s WordPress plugin, you can connect with them and answer questions as they come in.

Along with chatting, you can also send out personalized messages based on different criteria. Plus, you can use the chat widget as a contact form for offline messages or even to enable customers to sign up to your mailing list.

JivoChat Live Chat

JIvo chat is an all-in-one business messenger that is optimized for WordPress which teams use to talk to customers everywhere: live chat, phone, email, and social. JivoChat allows you to serve efficient customer support to your clients, thereby increasing your conversion and sales. Customize and configure freely, get the most out of it by reflecting your style and strategy.

Top Benefits

  • Connect all of your communication channels and handle it from a single app efficiently
  • Engage with your visitors in real-time and convert them to paying customers
  • Manage your customers efficiently with in-app CRM as a team or connect your favorite CRM easily
  • Offer calls to your visitors via live chat widget and/or connect your phone number to make/receive calls via Jivo

Tidio – Live Chat

Live Chat by Formilla

Live Chat for Customer Service

Data from ecommerce platform Shopify shows that “businesses that respond to a customer’s chat within five minutes are 69% more likely to get a sale.” Customers don’t like hunting around for information or waiting for responses, and live chat offers the best possible customer experience. A live chat customer service agent can speak directly to a customer, providing a personal experience leading to increased customer satisfaction.

One of the benefits of live chat that businesses often overlook is the ability to learn directly from customers. Speaking to a customer who came to your site looking to solve a problem or answer a question gives you valuable insight into how real people interact with your website. Live chat customer service also helps keep customer interactions on-site, rather than seeing frustrated customers take their complaints to a public forum like social media.

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