TOP 10 Elementor add ons with great features ?

Elementor is one of the most powerfull and most easy to use page builder because of there are the best add-ons available for elementor .
If you want to create a Beautiful landing page or a full theme using elementor and add-ons there are such powerfull tool for a user and we can use the elements for free and paid according to plugin.

So let’s start with a list of widely used add-ons for Elementor

Essential Addons for Elementor

Completely Customizable

Each element comes with a bunch of options to customize your website in every possible way. You can achieve nearly any design with your imagination.

Light Weight & Instant Loading

No extra resources or messy codes to slow down your website. Optimized for super fast loading and instant Live editing.

Elements Control option

Enable and disable individual elements to make your page loading faster and smoother. You can deactivate unnecessary widgets to keep the site lite.

2000+ Ready Blocks and Templates through Templately

Use pre-made templates and sections which come with Essential Addons and design your website to stand out from the crowd.

Unlimited Elements For Elementor (Free Widgets, Addons, Templates)

Dynamic Loop Builder

From now you can create advanced dynamic layouts with our loop widgets.
Stop being frustrated trying to create what you want and get started with our Dynamic Loop Builder.
Loop your custom built templates to create grids, carousels, tabs, accordions or even sliders with a custom skin. You can design a loop item just like a single template by drag and drop and then choose how you want to output the loop. Insert custom fields to add different data types and create advanced flexible layouts.

Premium Addons for Elementor


Supercharge your Elementor Page Builder with 60+ highly customizable Elementor essential addons and widgets, 400+ premade Elementor templates that will give you the ability to build sophisticated websites in less time with no coding required. Both Elementor and Premium Addons plugins take your WordPress website to the next level.

ElementsKit Elementor addons(Header Footer Builder)


ElementsKit is an ultimate All in one addons for Elementor Page Builder. It includes most comprehensive modules, such as Header Footer Builder, Mega Menu Builder, Layout Library, etc under the one hood. It has 43+ custom widgets such as Pricing table, Team member, testimonial, Accordion, tab, Countdown Timer etc to create any sites with ease. It has some most unique and powerful custom controls for Elementor, such as Image Picker, Ajax Select2, Advanced Widget and many more. Why do you need multiple plugins? Where everything under the one hood?

Happy Addons for Elementor


HappyAddons is the pioneer of adding exclusive problem-solving Elementor features. Also, we have added premium quality Elementor Widgets in the Elementor Widget Library. Reasons for choosing Happyaddons over any other Elementor Addons:

  1. From now on, you can create an Elementor mega menu, simple navigation menu, Horizontal Nav Menu with our Happy Elementor Menu Widget.
  2. Create off canvas contents or of canvas elementor menu for your site with Happy Elementor Addons off-canvas elementor widget
  3. Manage one page navigation elementor menu with the help of HappyAddons One Page Navigation Elementor widget
  4. You Can Create an Advanced Data Table within elementor.
  5. Ability to add google sheet to your elementor website.
  6. Facility to Add Text Stroke or Outline to Elementor Typography
  7. Manage Your Event Calendars,
  8. Add google calendar within Elementor using the Event calendar elementor widget.
  9. Design Your Woocommerce Sites with HappyAddons WooCommerce Elementor widget pack.
  10. WooCommerce product grid page with HappyAddons elementor product grid widget.
  11. Create Product carousel with HappyAddons Product carousel Elementor widget.
  12. Create blog grid or post gird or blog archive page with Happy Elementor Post Grid widget
  13. Add post carousel to your Elementor site with HappyAddons Elementor Post Carousel widget
  14. Copy and Paste All of Your Elements Within Cross-Domain elementor sites,
  15. Masking Your Images Into Different Shapes Within the Elementor Editing Panel,
  16. Flexibility to Create Advance Background Parallax for Your Elementor Site,
  17. Create Elementor tooltips within any element of the Elementor site.
  18. Create a stunning pricing menu with the Elementor Price Menu Widget.
  19. Unfold any elementor element with HappyAddons Elementor unfold widget
  20. Toggle your content with the Elementor content switcher widget

Elementor Addon Elements


Supercharge your Elementor Page Builder experience by using our free addon – Elementor Addon Elements. This addon comes with 24+ widgets and extensions that will give more power to your Elementor based website. It has an easy-to-use interface that will allow you to create any design with just a few clicks!
Incorporate these creative elements in Elementor to make your WordPress website look more attractive and accessible than before.

Livemesh Addons for Elementor

Why Livemesh Addons for Elementor?

  • Beautiful Design – First thing you notice when you try our addons – focus on details and unmatched design for a product of this kind. Our work has been featured on leading sites for web design – AWWWARDS, Dribbble, TheBestDesigns, Envato, and Colorlib.
  • Ease of Use – We don’t overwhelm you with plain-looking elements forcing you to customize endlessly to achieve the desired look. Instead, we bundle elegant styles with each addon for you to pick and choose, styles that don’t require extensive customization.
  • Fast Loading – Along with a focus on design and usability, performance is core to the success of this addons plugin. We try to avoid features bloat by bundling essential styles and widgets.
  • Quality Code – With over 8 experience with WordPress development, we care to deliver a quality product.
  • Mobile Optimized – All Elementor extensions are well tested on devices of all sizes. Usability and ease of use are important to us.
  • Regular Updates – We frequently update our product with new features, tweaks, and bug fixes. The premium Livemesh Addons for Elementor plugin has seen 22 releases in the last 12 months alone.
  • Proven Support – Having served over 14,620+ paid customers, we have the expertise to stand behind our product and fix issues or answer queries.
  • Enhance Theme – No need to switch to a premium theme to get new features. We have got everything covered here with premium elements.

PowerPack Addons for Elementor

Top Features of PowerPack Elementor Addon

    PowerPack includes a range of advanced elementor widgets that opens a whole new way of designing possibilities with the elementor.
    All PowerPack widgets are completely customizable; you can alter settings and style widgets as per your requirements.
    PowerPack for Elementor is 100% Compatible with Elementor 3.0 Dynamic Fields. Hence, you can use them to display dynamic content.
    Self-branding is extremely important when you are working for third-party clients. This feature allows you to change the branding of the plugin and help you maintain your personal brand while building client sites.
    PowerPack for Elementor boasts of superior code quality optimized for performance. Minimal usage of external scripts helps you maintain superior loading time for your websites.
    All the Elementor Widgets included with PowerPack come with well-thought design and styling options. These options make it easy for you to build creative layouts without worrying about the custom code.
    PowerPack Addon for Elementor comes from our team of experts, who always deliver the best and try to fix all of their queries earliest.

The Plus Addons for Elementor


Introducing The Plus Addons for Elementor with more than 120+ Powerful Widgets & Extension, 300+ UI Essential Blocks & 18+ Ready-to-use templates with the most advanced functionalities including Blog builder, Woo Builder, Mega Menu, Filtered Gallery and much more to supercharge your Elementor like never before. Whether you’re working on your Perfect blog, creating a sale generating online store or building a website for your next big idea, you can do it all with Elementor when you have The Plus Addons for Elementor.

Enjoy a Complete No-Code experience and build everything with your simple mouse clicks. No Technical knowledge required, just plug-in and Get Started.Crafted with care and love to seamlessly integrate for smooth & happy workflow to impress your clients. Perfect for Bloggers, Freelancers, Marketers, Agency Owners, Designers and anyone who loves using Elementor giving you the freedom to innovate.

Exclusive Addons for Elementor

What You will Get in ExclusiveAddons Free Version

We have packed our Elementor Addons with the most Useful 39+ free Elementor widgets for you in the bundle. We have 23+ exclusively designed templates and over 800 readymade blocks for Elementor page builders. The fully functional templates and blocks will surely help you create unique designs for your website. Let’s have a look what you will get in our free version and check out our demos where we demonstrated some interesting use cases for all of our Elements:

39+ FREE WIDGETS & EXTENSIONS and counting…

  1. Card – Showcase your products, services, offers, and loads of other items with a stylish Demo Card Widget on your WordPress website.
  2. Image Magnifier – The best free Image Magnifier Elementor widget that allows you to zoom into any part of a selected image with options to customize every section the way you want.
  3. Info Box – Show any kind of information in every possible way you can imagine with Info Box element and create an artistic information box to make your site look beautiful
  4. Call to Action – Create user interactive the Call to Action block and place anywhere suitable with Call To Action widget for Elementor page builder.
  5. Image Comparison – Compare your product or any before/after status of an Image using this add ons in a stylish, attractive, and interactive way.
  6. Team Member – Showcase your beautiful team members in a unique style using texts, images, social links and many more. You can add animated masks to member Avatar too.
  7. Testimonial – Showcase your Client reviews in a beautiful and trustworthy manner usine testimonial elements.
  8. Dual Heading – Create an attractive dual heading with Exclusive Addons Dual Heading element and using a dual style, dual-colour heading will give your WordPress website a fascinating look and catch the visitors’ attention with ease.
  9. Contact Form 7 – This widget integrates Contact Form 7 in your WordPress site and allows you to design it to look like your own.
  10. Heading – Include eye-catching headings on your site with Exclusive Addons unique and versatile heading style to enhance the beauty of it with limitless options.
  11. Post Timeline – Exclusive Post Timeline will let you display blog posts, pages or any custom post types in a vertical timeline style layout.
  12. Post Grid – Display dynamic posts and pages with Exclusive Addons Elementor Post Grid Widget to make a great impression, instant attention from your visitors.
  13. Accordion – Add an interactive section on your website using the Essential Accordion widget that expands when you click on it. It’s like a drawer; you can put contents with title and image in a nicely oriented way.
  14. Dual Button – Exclusive Elementor Dual Button Widget will let you add creative buttons on your WordPress site with six different hover styles and endless customizable options.
  15. Logo Box – Represent your brand with a creative logo box, connected to people’s memory by designing a logo showcase box with a diverse number of options using Exclusive Addons for Elementor page builder.
  16. Filterable Gallery – Create gallery, portfolio anything you like with our Filterable Gallery widget with options to add title and description with it.
  17. Tooltip – Add an easily customizable WordPress tooltip and showcase your contents, including icon, text, images in a versatile way with a mouse hover effect to make it more interactive.
  18. Logo Carousel – Build your social proof, introduce your valuable clients to your new potential customer by displaying your organization logo, your partner’s and sponsors’ logo with this beautiful sliding carousel.
  19. Google Map – Specify your website’s location quickly with control over several useful options and mark any position on it using Elementor Google Maps Widget.
  20. Pricing Menu – Display your food menu list or any other pricing list in a mouth watering manner with the Pricing Menu Widget for WordPress website.
  21. Modal Popup – Showcase your videos, images, gallery, iframe, shortcode and any other content in a popup with Exclusive Modal Popup for Elementor page builder.
  22. Countdown Timer – Countdown Timer widget offers a variety of options to style it to fit your desired design with ease and boost your click-through rates.
  23. Flip Box – The easiest way to add an interactive Elementor Flipbox on your WordPress site with lots of options, design the way you want.
  24. Pricing Table – An essential element flip box to showcase your pricing table in an effective way to boost your sales and engage more potential buyers.
  25. Progress Bar – The ultimate Elementor Progress Bar Widget helps you showcase users’ skills, task progress, download percentage, and other attributes’ progression in a versatile way.
  26. Tabs – Create awesome tabbed contents using the best Elementor tabs widget that lets you show multiple contents in one place by switching between tabs with unlimited styling options.
  27. News Ticker – Highlight the latest news headline or significant posts’ title in a scroller with incredible animation effects using Exclusive Elementor Addons News Ticker widget.
  28. Alert – Show alert messages on your website with Exclusive Addons Alert Widget in the most effective way to grab the user’s focus over any other content.
  29. Animated Text – A great tool to make your site eye-catching and trigger your visitor’s excitement with Animated Text element for Elementor page builder.
  30. Button – Add a fashionable looking button with animations and special effects on your website using Exclusive Elementor Buttons Widget and make a great impression on your visitors.
  31. Covid-19 Stats – Exclusive Elementor Stats widget that will let you show the simple and clean Covid 19 stats for your visitors on your WordPress site.
  32. Facebook Feed – The Facebook Feed widget lets you display your Facebook page’s posts with Likes, Comments and Shares in real time on your WordPress website.
  33. List Group – Exclusive Addons List Group widget lets you present essential information smartly with beautiful icons, numbers, or images with the highest number of customization options you have ever seen.
  34. Filterable Post – Explore all the posts you have on a relevant topic using a category filter and make your post grid more lively, user-interactive with an Elementor post filter widget.
  35. Google Reviews – Embed Google reviews into your WordPress website and enhance the trustworthiness of your business with a few clicks.

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